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The Vermont Children’s Theater (VCT) is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that provides free summer theater programs for area youth aged 7–19. Every child or teen who auditions is included in one of three casts, which present their productions to the community during the month of July. Our goal is to provide a safe place for children and teens to stretch their creativity, build confidence, and foster friendships, while improving empathy, communication, and problem solving. These skills not only contribute to the well-being of our young people now, but benefit them far into the future.


Each year, the Vermont Children’s Theater provides 100 to 150 children in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with a practical introduction to theater, developing theatrical technique, literacy skills, and personal responsibility. Our commitment to inclusivity means that every child has the opportunity to discover the transformative power of theaterthrough the unique artistic and educational experiences it provides.


The Vermont Children’s Theater has an annual budget of around $25,000. With the exception of our paid professional theater and music directors, the entire organization is run by volunteers. Along with the numerous hours put in by the board of directors, family members are encouraged to take an active role with their children, as volunteers in the many support activities required to produce each show. We also rely on the generosity of local businesses, who purchase ads in our programs, donate goods, and sponsor all or part of a show by buying scripts or underwriting licensing and royalty fees. In this way, we are able to provide free arts programming for children and low-cost tickets for the public, so that all can experience the joy of theater. VCT is truly for our community, by our community.

Mission Statement

The Vermont Children’s Theater is dedicated to encouraging the discovery and development of creativity, imagination, self-esteem, and leadership through the process of theater. Through our policy of all-inclusiveness and our ability to produce excellent live theater, we demonstrate to children and the community the importance of arts education in the overall educational development of children. We believe that we have a responsibility to reach out to children and families who may not otherwise have access to the unique type of artistic and educational experiences that we can provide.



Board of Directors

Sarah Ham, President

Teddy James, Vice President

Erica Stahler, Secretary

Melanie Fox-McGregor, Treasurer

Jack Chase

Katie Ham

Cindy Lamontagne

Katie McGinnis

Dennis Parent

Katelynn Sylvain 

Makail Tipton

Lisa Ulrich

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